What is CBD?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also popularly known as CBD, has been around for quite some time, and now, it has become more popular than ever before.

CBD is an oil, that contains various health properties and benefits that aid in the overall wellness of the body. It has been recognized for delivering ground-breaking results when used as a treatment for certain conditions, such as epilepsy, which has also led to this powerful oil to be included as an ingredient in more medications.

The oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, which contains over 100 unique chemical compounds. These compounds are known as cannabinoids and interact with our bodies systems.

CBD does not have the same mind-altering effect on the brain, such as weed does, because it does not contain the other cannabinoid found in weed, THC. It is thus completely safe to consume any time of the day.

Safe and Effective

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Health Benefits of CBD

The amazing benefits of cannabidiol can be enjoyed daily, by simply placing a drop thereof under your tongue. It is also popularly added to both food and drinks, which makes it easier to consume.

Evidence shows that CBD successfully helps relieve and treat symptoms and conditions, such as epileptic seizures, PTSD, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, any form of pain, as well as a build-up of inflammation in the body.

Besides for having incredible healing properties, it also aids in boosting your mental and physical health.

CBD offers unlimited benefits and health properties and will only leave you with a boost in your health and wellness. Due to the fact, that it boosts your mood, yet doesn’t alter your mind, like with weed, it is especially perfect to consume when you’re feeling a little mentally drained, tired, stressed or when you feel like you’re lacking some much-needed energy.

Types of CBD Strains

Harlequin (Sativa) CBD Strain

Considered to be the most popular CBD-rich strain, Harlequin is known to be one of the most trusted CBD strains, specifically because of its 5:2 ratio with regards to CBD and THC. Harlequin is also commonly known as the Sativa strain.

Since THC causes the mind-altering effect many people remain wary off, such with consuming weed, Harlequin only contains a very small ration thereof, which will only affect your good-feeling hormones, such as the serotonin levels in your brain.

Harlequin is one of the best natural pain relievers and is especially perfect for treating inflammation, migraines, chronic pain, as well as mental health.

Stephen Hawking Kush CBD Strain

This cannabis strain is another favorite, because of its scent, which will leave your food and home smelling herbal, earthy and almost like a berry-infused tea.

The THC percentage in this cannabis strain only makes up between 5-12%, which makes it perfect for daily usage. It doesn’t leave the body with a high-like effect, but rather relaxes and soothes the mind and body, releasing it from any build-up of tension. Studies have shown that in the benefits of the strain releasing tension in the body, it opens the mind to more creative thoughts, which will also stimulate your cognitive function.

Sweet and Sour CBD Strain

Popularly known as the ‘beginner’ strain, the sweet and sour CBD strain only has a ratio of 1:1 CBD and THC. It is an Indica dominant type of marijuana, which means that it has many medicinal qualities.

It has a very good blend of sweet and sour taste, hence its name and grows both indoors and outdoors. The sweet and sour widow induces a weak cerebral feeling in the brain and instantly uplifts your mood. With this effect on your brain, it also stimulates your appetite, leaves your mind and body balanced with the feeling of being synced together and relieves insomnia.

Cannatonic CBD Strain

With a CBD/THC ratio of just 5:1, this marijuana strain has exceptional medicinal qualities.

Not only does it increase your emotional well-being, but it also provides you with a relaxed feeling and reduces muscle soreness and spasms. Due to its effect on the good feeling hormones in the brain, it also relieves anxiety and both mental, as well as physical pain.

This CBD strain, derived from the family of medical marijuana plants, are natural and harmless to the human body.


As a 50/50 hybrid strain, ACDC has one of the highest levels of CBD, with a ration of 20:1 CBD/THC.

From the moment you consume ACDC, you’ll feel instantly calm and happy, as it will leave you with the feeling of euphoria. It is mostly used to treat inflammation throughout the entire body, migraines, anxiety, neuropathy, bipolar disorder, and nausea. It has the same positive effect on cancer than chemotherapy but does not possess the negative effects thereof.



This strain of CBD has a much more balanced CBD/THC ratio of 5:1. It tastes like citrus and has an earthy undertone to it. It can be used at any time during the day and much like other CBD strains, relieve stress and anxiety immediately.

Canna Tsu is a blend of two popular marijuana strains, the Sour Tsunami, and Cannatonic. It is known for producing a very well-balanced CBD/THC ratio and is especially consumed by an individual with medical conditions.

Harle-Tsu CBD Strain

This CBD strain is 60% indica-dominant and is a blend between the Harlequin and the Sour Tsunami, which contains a 22:1 CBD/THC ratio.
It is known for having the same effect on the body as a painkiller. Its effect is just, however, a lot more natural. Unlike artificial painkillers, however, it doesn’t have an addictive side effect and benefits your organs, rather than damage them over time, such as painkillers do.

The Harle Tsu CBD strain will leave you feeling calm and relax. It can relieve any pain related to PMS, migraines, depression, inflammation and treat insomnia.

Sour Tsunami CBD Strain

The Sour Tsunami CBD Strain was created by blending two plants, known as the NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel.

This CBD strain stimulates the brain and functional processes within the body. It has incredible medical benefits. There is less than 10% of THC in this strain. It contains 30% CBD. It is particularly known for its unique smell, as it smells like diesel fuel and chocolate. Its taste is quite bitter.

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